Safety Planning

A safety plan is a practical plan – specific to you - that outlines ways to remain safe while in a relationship, while planning to leave, and/or after a victim leaves.

Safety planning involves:

  • How to Cope with Emotions,
  • Tell Friends and Family about the Abuse,
  • Take Legal Action
  • and More

Safe Harbor Advocates work to create safety plans with victims, friends and family members — anyone who is concerned about their own safety or the safety of someone else. A strong safety plan will have all of the vital information you need and is unique to a specific situation, and can help walk a victim works through the different scenarios specific to them

It is important to remember that sometimes in moments of crisis it is difficult to think things through and make decisions the same way as when you are calm. When adrenaline is kicking in, it can be hard to think clearly or make logical decisions about your safety. Having talked through a safety plan, and laying one out in advance can help you to protect yourself in those stressful moments and help make sure you understand the resources that are in our community to support you during a stressful time.