Prevention Education


Safe Harbor offers presentations designed to challenge the stereotypes about domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  We provide participants with resources that can help them address these issues in their own life or the life of someone they know.


A large part of the prevention strategy at Safe Harbor is focused on our partnerships with area administrators, guidance and education professionals. School programs are presented in the classroom in an age-appropriate manner and are designed to raise awareness and provide information on how gender roles and expectations, as well as our culture, influence dating violence and sexual assault. We focus our presentations around the ideas of RESPECT, EQUALITY and CONSENT.  Students also learn about resources, risk reduction strategies and bystander intervention. Staff in-services and parent information sessions are also available.  To open a conversation about how we can help the students in your school, please contact the Beth Heilman, Prevention Education Specialist at Safe Harbor by calling 920.452.8611, ext. 304.

Presentations are tailored specifically for your school, business or organization and can be held at your location or another agreed upon venue.  Past presentations have been provided for:

  • Grade schools, middle schools and high schools
  • Technical colleges and universities
  • Law enforcement
  • Businesses
  • Community centers
  • Civic organizations
  • Healthcare organizations and medical providers
  • Professional and social service organizations
  • Faith-based organizations

If you are interested in scheduling a specialist to provide information and education for your group or workplace, please contact the Beth Heilman, Prevention Education Specialist at Safe Harbor by calling 920.452.8611, ext. 304