When you choose to invest in our agency through a monetary donation it offers us to be responsive to a victim in every conceivable way. We are able to use every dollar to make a difference for individuals and families in crisis because of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

50% of our programs are funded by community support and dollars allow us to buy the things we need, flex our service capacity, and provide the support needed as it comes through the door.

As we know that every single situation is different - which means needs of victims are different – and monetary donations allow us to do what we need to do – when we need to do it. It is essential to the crisis work that we do every day.

You can donate in the following ways:

Make a Monetary Donation 

Safe harbor relies on support from the community to continue to provide our life-changing programs. Your financial support enables Safe harbor to meet the wide variety of emergency and basic human needs for adults and children escaping domestic violence. Monetary donations help us make our community a safer, more equitable place for everyone.

S.O.S - Supply Our Shelter 

Donations of food, personal care items, clothing and cleaning supplies help keep our shelter running and make all the difference in the lives of adults and children seeking relief from domestic violence and sexual assault. Click here to learn more about what our current needs are, how our donation process works and how to start an item drive in your school, business, club or workplace.

Event Sponsorship

Businesses looking to get involved can learn about event sponsorship opportunities contact Laura Roenitz at 920.452.8611 x303 for information about our Men Who Cook event.  Also think about an item drive or on-site fundraiser at your place of business. Contact us at for more information.

Adopt a Holiday 

Provide the supplies, food, and other materials necessary to celebrate a diverse set of holidays inside the walls of our shelter. Learn more about how to Adopt-a-Holiday by contacting us at for more information.

Community Hosted Events

Community events help raise important awareness about domestic violence and funds for Safe Harbor. Community support is essential to us. Your support of these events, both financially and with attendance enables Safe Harbor to meet a wide variety of emergency needs for adults and children escaping domestic violence. It helps increase awareness of the issues around domestic violence and sexual assault and helps to lower the stigma of getting help for this complex issue. All of these ways help us make our community a safer place for everyone.