Hmong & Southeast Asian Services

The Hmong & Southeast Asian Services staff provide support, information, advocacy and court accompaniment to victims and their families who are experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual assault or stalking. Safe Harbor’s Hmong & Southeast Asian advocates assist victims with safety planning, information, and referrals to community partners.

Support Groups:
  • Hmong Support Group
  • Hmong Cooking Group
Wisconsin Hmong Speaking Resources Helpline 24/7
  • 1.877.740.4292
Hmong Podcast (2021 Series):

Abusive International Marriage Awareness Day, October 24

The term Abusive International Marriages (AIM) is a term that has been developed by Wisconsin Hmong advocates who support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. This film looks at how AIM has impacted Hmong communities across the world from the United States to Southeast Asia.

Pib Ceeb Toom: Daim yeeb yaj kiab uas koj tab tom yuav saib no nws muaj cov ntsiab lus tsis tshuam zoo thiab tsam yuav ua rau muaj kev nyuaj siab ntxiv rau tus neeg uas nws twb muaj kev ntxhov siab los lawm.

Trigger Warning: The video you are about to watch contains disturbing content and may trigger an anxiety response in those who have history of trauma.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or have questions about Hmong & Southeast Asian Services, please connect with us today. Please leave a detailed message, including a safe phone number, and an advocate will return your call.