Addressing Racism and Stigma

In these uncertain times, people are full of fear and may lash out and unfairly place blame. If you have been the target of micro-aggressions and even macro-aggressions, know that it is not your fault.

Here are some ways to take care of yourself if you encounter racism.

  • Walk away from a lose-lose situation

  • Use deep breathing and grounding techniques

  • Seek emotional support

  • Don’t judge your own reaction to the situation

If you witness racism, some things you can do to support the victim are…

  • Tell the aggressor to “leave them alone”

  • Sit or stand next to the victim

  • Tell someone in a position of responsibility (i.e. store manager, shift supervisor)

  • Interrupt and address racism

  • Questions: Ask someone to explain why a racist joke is funny

If you witness racism, you could also use the Five (5) Principals of Bystander Intervention:

  • Delegate: Get help from someone else

  • Document: It is helpful to have documentation of the harassment Delay:

  • Delay: After the incident is over, check in with the person experienced disrespectful behavior

  • Direct: Speak out about the disrespectful behavior when it’s happening

  • Distract: Distract attention away

Some ways that you can help keep our online community safe for everyone:

  • Report or flag racist material

  • Respond to the post, but take the high road and keep it civil

  • Education is not only spreading the facts but also educate about the virus and racism

  • Help others in your community by referring them to helpful resources

Some ways to report include:

  • 911, for imminent danger

  • 311, for non-emergency racial harassment ask for “human rights”

  • 1-855-4-VICTIM (1-855-484-2846) Victim Connect Hotline

  • for online chat